Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hey everyone how are you? I hope you have a happy and safe new year!! Don't drink and drive please!!
I am hoping this new year brings me happiness. 2013 has been a little on the rough side for me. So we will see how it goes.

Well guess what I won a contest and there is a new Indie Polish I wanna tell you about it's called Jindie Polish they are 3-free/cruelty free. Well it's new to me anyway, and I LOVE THEM. I won a 50 dollar gift card so I was able to get 5 bottles of polish and I am extremely happy with each and every one. I will def be purchasing from her again. Here is a link to her site http://www.jindienails.com/ So make sure you stop by and take a look at what he has to offer. Here is the description of her polishes. Jindie Nails polishes are hand-crafted from scratch with the most unique glitter shapes, colors & very best ingredients available. They are cruelty free & 3-free, meaning they do not contain the 3 common harmful chemicals commonly found in nail polish: NO Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), NO Formaldehyde & NO Toluene. Available at the Jindie Nails Online Nail Polish Boutique, www.jindienails.com. Also available via a few world wide, authorized distributors: Llarowe (USA), Mei Mei's Signature's (Singapore), Ninja Polish (USA), Harlow & Co. (Canada) & Femme Fatale Cosmetics (Australia), Norway Nails (Scandinavia) & soon coming to a new UK stockist!
Here are the link to buy them www.jindienails.com Ships to US and Canada only
http://shop.llarowe.com/collections/jindie-nails Worldwide shipping
http://meimeisignatures.com/category.php?id_category=300 Worldwide shipping
http://www.harlowandco.org/collections/jindie-nails Worldwide shipping and offers free shipping on orders over $50.00

I hope you have all the information you need to find her Polishes.. So Let's start with the colors I bought with my Gift Card.

This 1st polish is called Just Claws and is a beautiful, highly pigmented darker pink holo polish that shows a gorgeous rainbow effect in the sunlight It really applies well with 1 coat but I applied 2 to get the full effect.

This polish is called Hex on the beach and has a white almost jelly base. It has pink, peach, red, orange, yellow dots, diamonds and hex shape in it. Believe it or not this is only 1 coat and could be fully opaque in 2 coats.

Here we have Vixen the sexiest of the bunch it is a linear holo polish from the winter 2013 collection. It is a burgundy/wine with color changing flakes and let me tell you the picture does not do justice for this polish. It is fully opaque in 1 to 2 coats.
Next we Have O Holo Night which is a new linear holo that came from the winter/holiday collection 2013 This one is Blackend navy blue linear holo with violet/blue shimmer and is opaque in 2 coats.

And last but not least Electric Grape is a bright neon purple jelly base with neon blue shimmer.polish. I love this polish. However is does take about 3 to 4 coats to be opaque.
Well these are the 5 Jindie Polishes I own and I love each one. They all dry very quickly and are a must have for you collection. Once again Have a Happy and Safe New Year  
Love ya, 
Jen Polishedperfect

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hey all how have you been? I know it has been a few weeks since my last blog and I am sorry for that. I have been busy with work and home. I have some pics that I am going to be posting of my last few Christmas Mani's and of course my current one I did last night and it is not Christmas related. Lol I have had enough of red and green for now so I went with Pink, Gun Metal Silver and Black. I am at work right now and forgot to wright down the name of the polishes I used so I will update that tonight or tomorrow, but I can say they were FingerPaints Polish. (They can be found at Sally Beauty Supply) I have a new found Love for this Polish. Almost all that I have purchased in the last few weeks are opaque in 1 to 2 coats and go on so smooth. I must say  haven't found 1 that I don't like. Maybe I will do a haul video for all of them that I have bought since the end of November. So right into the pics.
Konad Plate M12, Konad white, OPI Liquid Sand Magazine Cover Mouse, FingerPaints Kiss by the Tree

I will have to insert info, but I did again use FingerPaints and KleanColor and Born Pretty Store plate QA58

Born Pretty Store plate QA58, Julie G Big Red Bow, Milani White on the spot

Not really for Christmas but I loved the colors. 
China Glaze- Concrete Catwalk and Fifth Avenue
My current mani and I will have to insert info later but I used 2 different FingerPaints and Mash Black Stamping Polish
Well I hope you like the looks that I have wore over the past few weeks and I will make sure to update on the Polishes I don't have the names for right now. If there is anything that you would like me to try please feel free to comment below and follow me on Blogger and at www.facebook.com/polishedperfect2

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Update on the November Surprise Contest.. The first set of winners did claim their prizes so we picked 2 new winners. Congrats winners you have 24 hours to get us your info and favorite color.

Here are the prize packs they will receive minus the special gift..
Congrats to the 2nd set of winners!!
Hey all Happy Thanksgiving!! We held a surprise contest on 11-23-13 for Usa only with 2 winners and each winner receives a prize pack along with a special surprise Lana is making for them. Over all results seemed to be okay. I really wish we had more entries then we did but  I guess I can't complain. I have several things going on with a few different nail pages and companies who will be sponsoring prizes for our USA Winners. I am very excited about this. As I have already said My-Stash www.facebook.com/mystashlacquer is sponsoring this months contest for the USA winners and if our winners are international then those prizes will carry over to January because for December Mi Armor www.facebook.com/miamorpolishes will sponsor the prizes. The swatches have been posted already. They are the cutest Glitter Polishes I have seen. They are a MUST have for you collection. So here are you winners for the November Surprise Contest.
 Congrats to the winners!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Polished Perfect: Courtney from Mi Armor Polishes sent these to me f...

Polished Perfect: Courtney from Mi Armor Polishes sent these to me f...: Courtney from Mi Armor Polishes sent these to me for review.This is her 2013 Christmas Collection. I have to say they are great Glitter Poli...
Courtney from Mi Armor Polishes sent these to me for review.This is her 2013 Christmas Collection. I have to say they are great Glitter Polishes. The Glitter goes on smooth and you don't have to use the brush to place the glitter pieces. All 5 pics are on bare nails with 2 coats and no top coat, they dried quickly and over all are worth having in your collection. You can find her page at www.facebook.com/miamorpolishes She will be sponsoring next months contest with us at www.facebook.com/polishedperfect2 and these polishes will be the USA contest winner prize.

Let it Snow- It is a very pretty silver, Blue and White Glitter Polish with different sizes and shapes in it
Snow Globe, in the picture it looks blue but it def more silver and white. It is my favorite one 

Christmas Eve-this has Red, Green and White with different sizes and shapes.
Santa Claws

Sleigh Ride- this is Red and Green with different sizes and shapes. My 2nd fav. :)

Make sure you drop by and enter the contest to win these great prizes, and don't forget to make sure you visit www.facebook.com/miamorpolishes 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I'm so trying to get better at this whole blogging thing but if you want to have a great Facebook Page you almost have to have a blog. I will try and update at least once a week but it is so hard. I work 6 days a week 9 hours a day and of course I have to get my Mani time in, which I don't know about everyone else but it takes me forever to do my nails.

Our contest this month is Thanksgiving/Fall themed and we are hoping to have a huge amount of entries. We have challenged everyone this month. If we have 35-40 entries which shouldn't be hard considering we have 922 likes that next months contest there will be 3 winners 1 for the most likes, 1 beginner and 1 advannced plus there will be a bonus winner through out the month. You will not know when it''s coming so be on they look out. We are also giving away a prize for the 1000 likes it could be anyone so if have not like our Facbook page make sure you do now www.facebook.com/polishedperfect2 . Wow 1000 already I am amazed that our likes/followers have stuck with us and we can't say THANK YOU enough. I remember when we first started out just a short few months ago and boy the work that goes into that page to keep it fresh and active for our followers. We now do a question of the day.. We want to keep everyone active and there by our side, it's going really well I think and we will keep up till we run out of questions.. Lol

Our contest this month is being sponsored by https://www.facebook.com/mystashlacquer and she has sent us some great polishes for the winner. (this prize is for a US winner only) 

These polishes are beautiful and are a must have in you collection. They came in a cute little box with a very nice business card. The colors are Omery Ochre & Gold Dust Woman. Gl and have fun.. Get those entries in. You can't win if you don't enter!!
So hopefully we will have a great turn out for the contest. I will announce the winners here at the end of the month.  That's all I have for now, see you in the next post. I will be reviewing some items I bought from the www.bornprettystore.com Thanks and much love Jen
Well November is here and boy it's getting cold.. Lol Thank God w don't get a lot of snow here in Kentucky. That's why we moved from Cleveland, Ohio was to get away from it, now we just really deal with the cold weather.

So on another not I don't remember if I told you all or not but I' going to be a grandmother and couldn't be more excited.My daughter is almost 6 weeks pregnant and the funny thing is she is going to be due around her birthday.. Lol Now see my daughter is VERY spoiled and dos not want to share her birthday with the baby. We explained to her once the baby is here it will be all about the baby and not her.. LOL I know in my heart her and her husband are going to make great parents and I am so excited to meet my grand baby. I ill keep everyone updated and post Pics of the ultrasound when she has one. That's all for this post but I will be right back with our Nail related posts..
Love Jenny

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October is over!

So October is almost over as so is the contest over at www.facebook.com/polishedefect and let me tell you it is going to be hard to judge. We have had some awesome entries come in this month. I will post the winners on Facebook and also on here as well. We have finally hit the 900 likes mark which is amazing and I  thank everyone who has supported the page. I couldn't be more excited. A lot of blood sweat and tears have went into that page. Hopefully some day we will have 10,000 likes. Wouldn't that be great?? I think so!! I'm still new at blogging and realize I need to set a schedule for myself to keep it active as well as my YouTube channel which is also called PolishedPerfect. As of now on YouTube it is only reviews for the www.bornprettystore.com so hopefully here in the near future I can get some tutorials up on nail art. Have a safe and fun Halloween. Make sure to check your kids candy before they eat it!! That's very important as we all know. See you all in November.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Here ya go, I played around with my stamping plates fromwww.bornprettystore.com and here's the results. I was not disappointed as usual. Their stamping plates are just as good and the name brand and in some cases better. You get clean crisp lines and it picks up every detail. I didn't have to use stamping polish either which is a plus.They have quality product at discount prices. I can't wait to order the blue contacts I want. With free worldwide shipping you can't go wrong. I love everything I purchased in from bornprettystore.com, and I know I will feel the same about the next order I place.
Don't forget to use Coupon Code JennyC10 for 10% of your entire purchase.





Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Come join in on the fun at www.facebook.com/polishedperfect2 for our Halloween Contest which is open internationally. You can use anything you need to get that perfect Halloween look you are going for. you can enter as many times as you like. YOU MUST HAVE PP OR POLISHED PERFECT WRITTEN SOMEWHERE IN PHOTO. Contest ends October 31st at midnight (EST) There will be 2 winners 1 advanced and 1 beginner, those winners will be chosen by the judges. To be fair these have to be nails you have done yourself and must be the mani you are wearing. It cannot be on a fake hand or just random nails.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Items I bought from Bornprettystore.com so this is my honest opinion.. I love it all. There image plates stamp so crisp They have oil in them with is great for moisturizing your Cuticles and the nail studs are easy to apply and stay on. I love these products. Use coupon code JennyC10 for 10% off your entire purchase.

Here are the links for these items





Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Well let me start by saying when I found this website I couldn’t believe the prices. I thought for sure the product quality would be sub par. I was completely wrong. I ordered a stamping plate and 2 silicone stamping templates. I will leave you the links at the end of the review. I absolutely love the items I bought. The stamping plate is engraved really well which means you get good clean images, and for the price of .99 cents you can’t go wrong. The 2 stamping templates are amazing as well. You can use multiple colors and do not have to work in a hurry. They are so fun to use and I have made so many cute designs. BPS has everything you need, polishes,rhinestones, studs, decals, stampers and scrapers, image plates, cosmetics, phone cases, jewelry and what I’m most excited about getting is colored contacts. I can’t wait to have blue eyes.. Lol All this plus free fast shipping. This is my go to website for all my beauty needs. Their customer service is great. I had a question and they got back to me within 24 hrs. They were very nice and professional. Try it.. You will not be disappointed I promise you that. I bought and paid for these with my on own money and am giving my HONEST opinion. 

Here is a 10% coupon code off your entire purchase.