Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Well let me start by saying when I found this website I couldn’t believe the prices. I thought for sure the product quality would be sub par. I was completely wrong. I ordered a stamping plate and 2 silicone stamping templates. I will leave you the links at the end of the review. I absolutely love the items I bought. The stamping plate is engraved really well which means you get good clean images, and for the price of .99 cents you can’t go wrong. The 2 stamping templates are amazing as well. You can use multiple colors and do not have to work in a hurry. They are so fun to use and I have made so many cute designs. BPS has everything you need, polishes,rhinestones, studs, decals, stampers and scrapers, image plates, cosmetics, phone cases, jewelry and what I’m most excited about getting is colored contacts. I can’t wait to have blue eyes.. Lol All this plus free fast shipping. This is my go to website for all my beauty needs. Their customer service is great. I had a question and they got back to me within 24 hrs. They were very nice and professional. Try it.. You will not be disappointed I promise you that. I bought and paid for these with my on own money and am giving my HONEST opinion. 

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