Saturday, November 9, 2013

Well November is here and boy it's getting cold.. Lol Thank God w don't get a lot of snow here in Kentucky. That's why we moved from Cleveland, Ohio was to get away from it, now we just really deal with the cold weather.

So on another not I don't remember if I told you all or not but I' going to be a grandmother and couldn't be more excited.My daughter is almost 6 weeks pregnant and the funny thing is she is going to be due around her birthday.. Lol Now see my daughter is VERY spoiled and dos not want to share her birthday with the baby. We explained to her once the baby is here it will be all about the baby and not her.. LOL I know in my heart her and her husband are going to make great parents and I am so excited to meet my grand baby. I ill keep everyone updated and post Pics of the ultrasound when she has one. That's all for this post but I will be right back with our Nail related posts..
Love Jenny

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