Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hey ladies so after doing some research here are some giveaways that I have found that you may be interested in. Have fun.and good luck

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If you have any to add please feel free to send me the link and I will be more than happy to add.
Thanks Jenny

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sweetheart Polish Review

Hello!! It's sunny outside although it's only going to be in the 40's the sun is still shining. and I'm lovin it. I can't wait to wear flip flops again. lol
These were sent to me to do a review and give my honest opinion. So today I'm coming to you with a review from Sweet Heart Polishes :)They were sent to me in a little with box with a very cute card from Cassandra, her business card and 3 mini polishes that were packed very well.
So let's get started. The 1st one is called Luke and I do believe it is named after a certain country singer. This polish is from the Superfine Collection. But OMG but it is a beautiful polish. It is a Micro Green Glitter with a little holographic in a clear base and the clear base is 5 free. I thought I was going to be able to wear by itself but I did put one coat of China Glaze Starboard under it. I do think it could be worn alone with about 3 coats.

I mean really how beautiful is this polish. It is by far my favorite of the 3.
The next one is He Loves Me from her Valentine's Collection and again this is a Glitter in a clear base and is 4 free Vegan polish. It is a mix of holographic glitter in all shapes and sizes with cotton candy pink hexes. You do have to kinda place the glitter where you want it but over all Great job Cassandra. I choose to wear it over O.P.I Hey Baby

And last but not least He Loves me not from her Valentine's Collection. This is a 4 Free Base Vegan free polish. This is a beautiful mix of holographic glitter in all shapes and sizes with black holographic stars and pink holographic skulls. Again placement of the glitter was easy. I chose to wear this over China Glaze I'm Blue Without You. It worked out to be a great combo.

Over all these are great glitter polishes and are def worth having in your collection. You can contact Sweetheart Polish at or through Esty at

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fab Ur Nails Review

Hey ladies I'm coming to you today with a review on Fab Ur Nails Fun Plate 6, Square White Stamper, Silver Cap, and the Marshmallow Replacement Heads. Let's start with with Marshmallow Replacements Heads. They are amazing!! They pick up images like a dream. Very crisp and clean and they stamp better then any other stamper I have tried and believe me I have a drawer full of duds. But I can't get my self to throw them away because of all they money I have put into them. I have a natural C curve in my nails and the marshmallow stamper works perfect for that. It gets all they way to to edges so there are no bare spots which I love. Try them you will fall in Love because I know I did.
Onto the Square Stamper. Well It is a squishy firm Stamper. I thought it was marshmallow type and was a bit disappointed when I received it. It's also a little smaller then I thought it would be. However it picks up images crisp and clean as well. Problem is it is more firm and does not cover my nail completely, but if you don't have that C curve in your nails it would be perfect for you. It would work great to make decals though :) The silver cap I absolutely love. It is so easy to hold and the stamper does not fall out of it when trying to pick up image or stamping on your nail. So much better then the big black double side holder. Very highly suggest this item. Now on to the actual stamping. I first polished my nail with China Glaze Liquid Vinyl and O.P.I Alpine Snow ( I do not like this polish )Then stamped with 3 different Finger Paint Polishes and a Mundo de Unas ( amazing to stamp with ) I stamped with Fun Plate 6 which is by far the best plate I have. The quality is amazing and the images are different from any other that I have. They are a quite bit pricey but well worth it in the end if your looking for high quality. Here is the Fun Plate 6
China Glaze Liquid Vinyl and O.P.I White Alpine Snow
Mundo de Unas #10 and Finger Paints Picturesque Purple, Elements of Art, Titan Tint

So to end this if you want high quality stamping products these are the ones for you. You can contact Fab Ur Nails at Have a nice day ladies. Don't forget to follow me on GFC and Bloglovin

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

BornPrettyStore Water Decals

Hey ladies.... So I tried a new product, well at least new to me. Water Decals.. I LOVE THEM. I bought them from and they were only .88 cents. Can you believe that plus free shipping. I thought they were going to be hard to use but boy I was wrong. Easy Pezzy!! All you do is cut them out submerge them is water for about 20 seconds and they slide right off the paper and you place them on your nail where you want them. Make sure there are no bubbles, top coat and your set. I have had them on for 3 days now and they look just as good as when I applied them. I will defintally be purchasing more of these in different styles in the near future. Nail art done easy!! Can't get better than that. Here is the link for the ones I purchased. Remember when purchasing from bornprettystore to use Coupon Code JennyC10
This is how easy :)
And here are the results. I hope this information helps if your unsure about Water decals. They are worth giving them a chance Free world wide shipping Coupon Code JennyC10 for 10% off your entire purchase. Good Luck