Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rimmel Salon PRO

Hey ladies!! So I was out and about the other day any came across this display at CVS for Rimmel Salon Pro with Lycra. They were out of most of the colors but there was 1 that caught my eye and I had to have it. The name is #702 Simply Sizzling  . Well after taking a look at the bottle it says that it is long lasting nail polish, up to 10 days. Gel like finish, chip resistant and anti fade color.Well let me tell you I LOVE IT. The formula is amazing it has a wide brush for easily application and the shine will hurt your eyes. Lol It does look like a gel finish. When I read it I was like whatever but I have to say I was wrong. As for as being chip resistant I couldn't tell you because I wear acrylics and have rarely ever get chipping. But I do think it was worth the $2.99 I feel it is a high quality polish and could stand up to some of the higher end polishes. I know I can't wait for them to restock and I hope they do soon because I would love to see the other colors that are available. I only recently got introduced to Rimmel through a very good friend of mine at What The Nails! When we did a Polish swap and I have to say I am happy so far with their formula and I love their brushes. I think they have the best brush so far. Here are some pictures of Simply Sizzling

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MoYou London Stamping Plates

Well ladies today I come to you with Stamping Plates from MoYou London. YAY!! I'm so excited to try them. I was sent  MoYou XL Princess Plate 11, XL Pro Plate 14 and a Stamper and Scraper for review.
This is my 1st time using MoYou London Plates and I must say they are of high quality. I didn't have any stamping issues at all. Even with the fine line images as you will see in the photos. My favorite plate out of the 2 had to be the Pro Plate 14. I loved all the designs on it and just can imagine the manicure's I will create. But for now I just tried different images to see how it turns out. I used Konad Black Stamping Polish , Mundo de Unas Stamping Polish and Milani Fast Dry White on the Spot.The stamper I did have a little problem with it picking up but I just kept at it and finally got it to work. I had to do what they call "priming" it. I had to take a 100 grit file and gently rub off the shine then a buffer block and then just clean using a lint roller. It is a squishy marshmallow type stamper that is red so it's great to stamp with white..
Here are the Plates and Stamper I will add better photo's tonight. Poo I thought I had them on my phone :( But I don't.

 These images are from Pro Plate 11. I mean look at the fine lines, they look amazing!! By far my Fave

 These images are from Princess Plate 14. Nice crisp and clean images. I just love the ballet slippers <3
So my over all review is that these Plates and defiantly worth every penny. I will be purchasing other plates from the collections.  They have a new collection coming out on Friday 5-2-14 called the Fairy collection and I am super excited to see the images. You can view and purchase their plates at and they at and their Facebookpage

I hope you enjoyed my review, please feel free to leave comments below. If you don't have anything nice to say by all means don't say anything at all. Much Love Jen

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sally Girl Review and Swatches (Speckled Eggs)

So ladies I bought a few of the Sally Girl Mini Speckled Eggs Polishes from Sally Beauty Supply. They were on sale for .59 cents that's great because I thought they were full price at .99 cents. Lol Our Sally's never marks there stuff down. It's a big surprise when you get to the register. I must say I really like them. They have a great formula and apply very nicely. Now I wish they made the Sally Girl line in bigger bottles because I definitely would be all over that. They applied completely opaque in 2 coats and you didn't have to fish for the speckles which was great.
So let's get to the 2 colors I bought and they are Cherry Chip and Chocolate Chip. Chocolate chip is my favorite of the 2. So here are some pics.. Enjoy!!
So Cherry Chip is on my fore finger and my pinkie. Chocolate Chip is on the other 3. Why do you like better? Leave your pick in the comment section.

 This is Cherry Chip

 This is Chocolate Chip

Leave in the comment in comments below. Which one do you like? Thanks ladies and have a great day. Much <3 Jen

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hey ladies I'm coming to you today with a review from It 's a monthly subscription box and is $7.00 a month and you get 1 polish in your box. When it arrived it was packed very well as you will see in the pictures. It came along with a card telling you a little info on the subscription. Mine came in the color Chiffon (a light pastel creme purple) I have colors similar but this exact color. It does not say the size of the bottle so I'm not sure on that.
They are however 
  • Non-toxic and carcinogen-free
  • Never tested on animals
  • 100% Vegan
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made in the USA
  • And shipped FREE

To get started you can choose Monthly, Half-Yearly or yearly or you can give as a gift. They do have just a FEW select items you can purchase but the polishes are for subscription only.
Now let's get to the polish
Well when I first opened my box I was impressed at how well it was packed.( I know I repeated myself ) The first thing I did which all us Polish Alcoholics did was open it up and when I did that I was a very pretty pastel purple as stated above but the brush was in bad condition. So I contacted customer service and received a message back with in 24 hours and had replacement brushed in less then a week. So I give customer service 100%. They were very nice and handled it quick (Impressed)

The formula seems to be of a good creme constancy and applied opaque in just 2 coats. I thought. After polishing my nails and letting them dry I went to bed only to wake up with a chip. How could this happen. I was sleeping. Lol I was stumped. I wear acrylics and never get chipping. So I can only imagine if it was worn on normal nails. I hate to give bad reviews!! But I felt everyone has a right to know before they sink their hard earned money into a subscription box. All in all the choice is your I am just here to give my thoughts on it. 
Here we go with the pictures and I hope you enjoyed this review.
I am wearing this with OPI In True Stefani Fashion

 This is my wonky brush!!
 Here are the replacements they sent super fast

 I still don't understand the chip!! Lol and yes i capped the top coat
 I made stamping decal with Cheeky Jumbo Plate 2 Tropical Holiday. I think they turned out great for my 1st time.

Sorry about the cuticles. Lol I didn't notice till I had the pics uploaded. (OOPS)
Again this is Please feel free to leave comments and or suggestions. Have a great day!! Thanks ladies Much <3

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hey ladies!! I know some of the contests have ended but the ones towards the bottom of the list are still active. Make sure you take full advantage of entering and winning. You can not win if you do not enter. Here is one I am taking part in and giving away a prize and is still good for about 10 hours. Make sure you enter and follow all the links. For my prize we will be checking to make you have entered each and every entry on the list. If you did not you will not win the prize from me. Sorry!! Here's the link again. This is open to US only! There is one for the UK also on the same link.

I'm super excited I will have a new review coming up soon. I am working with a great Indie Polish maker and I have an exclusive polish that has only been in mine and her's hand. That's all he info I can give on it now. But I know you will love it.  As soon as I get it I will be doing some swatches.. SO excited!!!

That's all I have for now. I will have some swatches coming later this week from the Color me Monthly Subscription Box. Much <3 Jenny