Friday, April 18, 2014

Hey ladies I'm coming to you today with a review from It 's a monthly subscription box and is $7.00 a month and you get 1 polish in your box. When it arrived it was packed very well as you will see in the pictures. It came along with a card telling you a little info on the subscription. Mine came in the color Chiffon (a light pastel creme purple) I have colors similar but this exact color. It does not say the size of the bottle so I'm not sure on that.
They are however 
  • Non-toxic and carcinogen-free
  • Never tested on animals
  • 100% Vegan
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made in the USA
  • And shipped FREE

To get started you can choose Monthly, Half-Yearly or yearly or you can give as a gift. They do have just a FEW select items you can purchase but the polishes are for subscription only.
Now let's get to the polish
Well when I first opened my box I was impressed at how well it was packed.( I know I repeated myself ) The first thing I did which all us Polish Alcoholics did was open it up and when I did that I was a very pretty pastel purple as stated above but the brush was in bad condition. So I contacted customer service and received a message back with in 24 hours and had replacement brushed in less then a week. So I give customer service 100%. They were very nice and handled it quick (Impressed)

The formula seems to be of a good creme constancy and applied opaque in just 2 coats. I thought. After polishing my nails and letting them dry I went to bed only to wake up with a chip. How could this happen. I was sleeping. Lol I was stumped. I wear acrylics and never get chipping. So I can only imagine if it was worn on normal nails. I hate to give bad reviews!! But I felt everyone has a right to know before they sink their hard earned money into a subscription box. All in all the choice is your I am just here to give my thoughts on it. 
Here we go with the pictures and I hope you enjoyed this review.
I am wearing this with OPI In True Stefani Fashion

 This is my wonky brush!!
 Here are the replacements they sent super fast

 I still don't understand the chip!! Lol and yes i capped the top coat
 I made stamping decal with Cheeky Jumbo Plate 2 Tropical Holiday. I think they turned out great for my 1st time.

Sorry about the cuticles. Lol I didn't notice till I had the pics uploaded. (OOPS)
Again this is Please feel free to leave comments and or suggestions. Have a great day!! Thanks ladies Much <3


  1. Nice colour, but like you I can't see how it chipped while you were sleeping. Loving the stamping by the way, xx

    1. Pretty color
      I was going to join until I saw
      your chip,especially on acrylics, I wear natural and for that to happen while sleeping .I will pass, I really appreciate your review.

    2. Np Color Changes everything. I did cancel!!

  2. Very pretty color. Shame that it chipped less than 12 hours of wear. What else comes in the box?

    1. It is a shame. Just one polish and the packing. I forgot to post that pick I will do it now :)

  3. Wonderful color!!! I'm in love with the decals! It SUCKS that you got a chip in your sleep! That's absurd!