Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sally Girl Review and Swatches (Speckled Eggs)

So ladies I bought a few of the Sally Girl Mini Speckled Eggs Polishes from Sally Beauty Supply. They were on sale for .59 cents that's great because I thought they were full price at .99 cents. Lol Our Sally's never marks there stuff down. It's a big surprise when you get to the register. I must say I really like them. They have a great formula and apply very nicely. Now I wish they made the Sally Girl line in bigger bottles because I definitely would be all over that. They applied completely opaque in 2 coats and you didn't have to fish for the speckles which was great.
So let's get to the 2 colors I bought and they are Cherry Chip and Chocolate Chip. Chocolate chip is my favorite of the 2. So here are some pics.. Enjoy!!
So Cherry Chip is on my fore finger and my pinkie. Chocolate Chip is on the other 3. Why do you like better? Leave your pick in the comment section.

 This is Cherry Chip

 This is Chocolate Chip

Leave in the comment in comments below. Which one do you like? Thanks ladies and have a great day. Much <3 Jen


  1. I gotta say im not really feelin these. But then again i am partial to chunky glitters

  2. I love these!!! I got three of them myself and cannot wait to try them!!! Wonderful review and swatches!!!

  3. That looks so pretty, it reminds me of poppy seeds! I like how you did the two different colors.