Thursday, May 22, 2014

MOD Lacquer Swatch and Review & Giveaway (US ONLY)

Well today ladies as you can see I'm coming to you with a great review from MOD Lacquer. She was nice enough to send me this polishes for to try and give my opinion. Well what I can say is I LOVE them. She really has her formula down pack. I did not have a problem applying any of them. They all went on nice and smooth an there was no fishing for glitter. Which is great because honestly I do not like fishing for glitter!!

So the 1st polish we will start with is Dreamland. I love this polish it is a beautiful Lavender cream polish that has tiny rainbow sparkles from the micro holographic glitter. You can not go wrong with this polish. It applied smoothly with no streaking. I applied 2 coats and it was fully opaque I stamped over it with Sally Hansen Silver Sweep to finish the look. Paired along with Dreamland I wore Blackberry Creme which is Light Lavender base with white, light purple and dark purple small and medium hex glitters. It applied smoothly and opaque in 2 coats.

So next we shall talk about Revenant. I loved this polish so much I wore it twice. It applied smoothly with no streaking and completely opaque in 2 coats. This polish is a bright blue duo chrome that shifts from blue to purple with micro holo glitter. I mean can you say WOW!! I did jazz it up a bit with Super Nails-Solar Glass foil glitter to finish the look.
Moving on to Pink Tart. I love this, it's a creamy light pink base with small pink and white glitter. It was opaque in 2 coats and I wore it along with OPI Hey Bay and of course I had to add some rhinestones to finish the look.

Next we have Minty Kiss a beautiful creamy light green base with green and white glitter. Again applied opaque in 2 coats. I wore this along with China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint and stamped some pretty green leaves to finish it up. Hope you like it! I did!!
And the last polish is Blueberry Bliss. It's so beautiful and I think my second fave out of the bunch. It applied easily and opaque in 2 coats. It is a creamy light blue base with white and blue glitter through out. I wore it with Klean Color Blue and stamped some pretty roses to complete the look.
All 6 of these polishes are just amazing and I am honored to have in my collection and I know will get alot of use. I won a big bottle of  Blueberry Bliss in a recent giveaway so I do have a mini bottle that we shall have a giveaway with. You need to experience what I have. I know you will be happy :)
It's so simple to order you can find MOD Lacquer at
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Shimmer Polish Review and Giveaway

Hey ladies how are we doing this fine beautiful day? Well as for me I am at work where I always am. Lol This 6 days a week 9 hours a day has to give at some point, I have only been doing it for over a year now :)
Well It's my job and I have to do what I have to do right. Don't we all. I need money to buy more polish. Lol
So why I am really here is to talk to you about Shimmer Polish
I was sent 5 bottles to try and review. I was so surprised when I opened the box and these pretties were staring up at me. I bet you could see the glisten in my eye's shinning off of them. These polishes are 100% Glitter Bombs. There is no fishing for glitter is these babies. So without any further a do let's interduce you to Bella, Karen, Liana, Jasmine and Sarah

As you can see they are jammed packed full of glitter and most applied opaque in 2 coats. The 1st I'm going to show you is Karen. She sparkles and shines in the sun so bright I think you could blind someone. Lol
It has Glitter squares, circles, hexes, dots, it's a shimmer holographic with Silver, Lavender, Pink, Orchid, Nail Lacquer. Like I said earlier it was completely opaque in 2 coats. I'm glad I have this added to my collection.

Our next young lady is Sarah is she not so pretty? Again 2 coats to be opaque. I just can't say it enough about how shiny and pretty they are. This has Glitter squares, circles, hexes, dots,  it's holographic and has shimmer Silver, Pearl, Baby blue, Grey nail lacquer, I wore this over Orly Macabre Masquerade to give it that extra touch of color.

Moving right along to Liana a beautiful polish that has Glitter squares, circles, hexes, dots, it is shimmer holographic that has, Blue, Navy, Black, Royal Blue Nail lacquer. On my accent finger I wore it over China Glaze Of Corase! I added some rhinestones to add more to the bling.

Now we have Jasmine which was opaque in 2 coats just as the others. Jasmine has Glitter squares, circles, hexes, dots, it is a shimmer holographic nail polish with Silver, Aquamarine, sea foam green, light blue green nail lacquer. Again added a few rhinestones to finish the look.

And last but not least is Bella she is a beautiful Glitter polish with glitter squares, circles, hexes, dots,it's a shimmer holographic burgundy and brown with hints of red, silver and gold micro glitter nail lacquer. This one was opaque in 2 to 3 coats and was harder to work with. It dries very quickly and makes applying it a little harder.
I will insert more pics of Bella I just don't have my phone on me at the moment.
Over all I really loved this polishes except for Bella which is the one I thought I would love the most. I think it was issues with the application and I tried it several times. It just got thick and goopy and had to add thinner to it a few times. I don't know maybe I just had a bad batch. But again I am overall VERY pleased with the others. They are total Glitter Bombs so if you like glitter these polishes are defiantly for you.
I apologize for the pictures especially for Bella I am working on getting a better lens. My pictures do not even come close to other bloggers :(
Well this is my review for Shimmer Polish. Please feel free to comment below but remember if you don't have anything nice to say by all means don't say anything at all. Much Love Jen <3

If you need to reach Shimmer polish there are several ways to do so to purchace her polish this is her blog
She also does custom orders

So now that you have read the good part it's Giveaway time. 1 lucky US winner will win 1 bottle of Shimmer polish. Yay!!! Right. I know I'm Excited and hope you are as well.

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