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Daphine Polish Swatch and Review

Hey ladies I have another Swatch and Review for you this time from Daphine Polish. Joanne was nice enough to send me the complete His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman collection.  I myself am not to much of a reader but after seeing this collection and reading pieces from the book I just may have to.

First off here is a little info on his collection.
His Dark Materials Collection
The His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman includes the books The Golden Compass (published as Northern Lights in the UK), The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass. At the young age of ten, I first picked up The Golden Compass at summer camp (yes, I was the kid who read at summer camp!) on the advice of a boy I liked. This book, and its sequels, were my first foray into the world of fantasy. I credit them for laying the foundation of a love of science fiction and fantasy that is still strong today. To quickly summarize these books, they tell the coming-of-age adventures of Lyra Belacqua, an ordinary orphan from Oxford who turns out to be the most important person in not just her universe, but in all universes. This collection mainly draws on The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife for inspiration

Let's jump right into this with our Polishes. Now remember there are 8 do this may be a little long. But once you see the collection it will all be worth it.

So the 1st one we have is Dust it is a light Yellow-Gold shimmer with a touch of scattered holo-graphic effect. I don't normally like yellows on me but this polish is beautiful. It has just enough shimmer with out going over board for us Creme Polish wearer's. It took 3 thick coats to be opaque. It went on nice and smooth with no streaking.

 Here is a little piece of the book about Dust.

“‘What is this Dust?’
‘It comes from the sky. Some say it has always been there, some say it is newly falling. What is certain is that when people become aware of it, a great fear comes over them, and they’ll top at nothing to discover what it is.’” The Golden Compass.

The 2nd Polish is Gyptian Longboat it is a dusty Purple with Gold and Green micro flake shimmers. This is beautiful purple. It was opaque in 3 coats and went on smoothly with no streaking.

Here is  a little about Gyptian Longboat.

Like sun and moss glistening in murky waters. It is inspired by Ma Costa, the leader of a Gyptian family, who was Lyra’s nurse as an infant. She and other gypitans have been  secretly watching out for Lyra on behalf of the king of the gyptians, John Faa. The gyptians are a nomadic people,  living in longboats. They call the Fens of East Anglia home, but travel around Brytain through canals and rivers, making their livelihoods through trade.

“In the long narrow cabin, by the light of a lantern on a hook, she saw a stout powerful woman with gray hair, sitting at a table with a paper.” The Golden Compass

Our 3rd polish is Silvertongue and it is Silver-Blue polish with scattered holo is inspired by Lyra Belacqua. This is a beautiful Silver polish that was opaque in 3 coats with little streaking but by the 3rd coat it was fine.

Lyra Silvertongue by Iorek Byrnison. As The Golden Compass opens we meet Lyra, a somewhat uncouth girl raised at Jordan College in Oxford by scholars and servants, allowed to run wild in the streets and on the rooftops. She is brave and full of fight, willing to go off into the wild North to save her friend Roger from the Gobblers.

“‘You tricked Lofur Raknison?’
‘Yes. I made him agree that he’d fight you instead of just killing you straight off like an outcast, and the winner would be king of the bears. I had to do that because—’
‘Belacqua? No. You are Lyra Silvertongue,"he said.” The Golden Compass

Our 4th polish is Sky Armor
A sky blue shimmering base with blue micro-flakes and is inspired by Lorek Byrnison. This is my favorite of the 8 colors it is beautiful. Although the formula was a little wonky. It did streak but by the 3rd coat it worked it' self out. Topped it with a top coat and wore it for a few days :)

The armored bear. First encountered in Trollesund, Lyra helps him recover his armor, which was taken from him by the people of the town. Lorek pledges himself to Lyra’s cause and becomes her champion. Lyra’s wits help Iorek defeat the usurper king Iofur Raknison and become king of the bears.

“‘My armor is made of sky iron, made for me. A bear’s armor is his soul, just as your dæmon is your soul. You might as well take him away’ — indicating Pantalaimon — ‘and replace him with a doll full of sawdust. That is the difference.” The Golde

The 5th polish is Cloud-Pine A Taupe Light Brown shimmer with Blue, Green, and Purple iridescent glitters. Inspired by Serafina Pekkala, the queen of the witch clan. This is a Pretty Light brown but was my least favorite of the collection. I just do not like Light browns but you it may be a hit! It was opaque in 3 coats with very little streaking but even out but the 3rd coat.

Cloud pine is a type of magical tree used by witches to fly. Once the lover of Gyptian Farder Coram, Serafina Pekkala allies her clan with the gyptians on their mission to rescue the children from Bolvangar. She rescues Lyra and Roger from the fight at Bolvangar and carries them to safety in Lee Scoresby’s balloon.

“Up! Into midair Lyra and Roger were caught and swept, and found themselves clinging with weakening fingers to a cloud-pine branch, where a young witch was sitting tense with balanced grace…” The Golden Compass

We are now on our 6th polish and it is Texas Aeronaut it is a Red-leaning Orange with strong Gold micro-flake shimmer, inspired by Lee Scoresby. It is a really pretty Orange polish with just enough shimmer. Again I am a Creme girl. Lol But I did like this polish it was opaque in 3 coats with no streaking. On my accent finger I did a gold glitter and topped it with top coat and wore it for a few days :)

A New Dane from the country of Texas, Lee Scoresby is an aeronaut hired by the gyptians in Trollesund on their expedition to the North to rescue the children kidnapped by the Gobblers. He becomes fiercely loyal to Lyra, continuing in her cause even after they are separated on Svalbard.

“[Lyra] looked at this newcomer with surprise. He was a tall, lean man with a thin black moustache and narrow blue eyes, and a perpetual expression of distant and sardonic amusement. She felt strongly about him at once, but she wasn’t sure whether it was liking she felt, or dislike. His dæmon was a shabby hare as thin and tough-looking as he was.” The Golden Compass

“‘Because, Dr. Grumman, be aware of this: I love that little child like a daughter. If I’d had a child of my own, I couldn’t love her more. And if you break that oath, whatever remains of me will pursue whatever remains of you, and you’ll spend the rest of eternity wishing you never existed. That’s how important that oath is.’” The Subtle Knife
The 7th polish is called Knife Bearer it is a A Blackened Olive Green jelly with strong Red shimmer and a touch of scattered holographic effect inspired by Will Parry. This is my 2nd fave in this collection. I love the way it looked with my skin tone and I have to admit I love the shimmer in it. I wore this for like 4 days and didn't want to take it off. I did not have any tip wear but I do wear acrylics. This actually may be tied for being my fave of the collection. Lol

He is first introduced in the second book of the trilogy, The Subtle Knife, a quiet and serious twelve year old boy who has learned over the years how to make himself unnoticeable in order to take care of his mentally ill mother. He discovers a window into another world, Cittàgazze’s world, and there meets Lyra and  becomes the bearer of the subtle knife.

“‘Now,’ said Giacomo Paradisi, ‘here you are, take the knife, it is yours.’
‘I don’t want it,’ said Will. ‘I don’t want anything to do with it.’
‘You haven’t got the choice,’ said the old man. ‘You are the bearer now.’” The Subtle Knife

“ he picked it up he felt that it was light in his hand and strong and beautifully balanced, and that the blade was not dull after all. In fact, a swirl of cloudy colors seemed to live just under the surface of the metal: bruised purples, sea blues, earth browns, cloud grays, the deep green under heavy-foliaged trees, the clustering shades at the mouth of a tomb as evening falls over a deserted graveyard….If there was such a thing as shadow-colored, it was the blade of the subtle knife.” The Subtle Knife

And out last of the 8 polishes is a beautiful glitter topper called Cittàgazze and is Loosely translated from Italian, Cittàgazze means “City of the Magpies.” This glitter topper in a clear base is inspired by the city of Cittàgazze in The Subtle Knife and the colors of the Italian Mediterranean. With more than 15 different colors, it sparkles enough to attract any glitter-loving magpie! This is an amazing topper!! Pics are 2 coats topped over Silvertongue. I hope you like it as much as I do.

“...these were tall palms, and they were growing, like the trees in Oxford, in a row along the grass. But this was the center of a broad boulevard, and at the side of the boulevard was a line of cafes and small shops, all brightly lit, all open, and all utterly silent and empty beneath a sky thick with stars. The hot night was laden with the scent of flowers and with the salt smell of the sea.” The Subtle Knife

Over all this is a great collection to have. All Daphine Polishes are 3 free and handmade.
They are affordable at 10.00 for a 15ml or 72.00 for the 8 piece collection.
You can contact Joanne at the following places

 I hope you enjoyed the swatches and review. This was a joy to do and hope to work with Joanne again.
Please feel free to leave any comments below and Thank You for taking the time out to read my blog.
Much <3 Jenny

Monday, June 16, 2014

My-Stash Swatch and Review

Well today ladies we have a Review and Swatch for My-Stash Lacquer. Danielle was nice enough to send me 2 polished for review. I have to say I love her polishes. No issues with application  or removal. Went on nice and smooth and came off just as easy. I am lucky to have these 2 polishes in my collection and they will get used. They are not polishes you say oh I like those then put up and never use again. 

We will start with the 1st one named "Jive" it is a Pink Metallic Polish It was completely opaque in 2 coats and again applied smoothly with no streaking

The 2nd polish is named "Kiss me at Midnight" and it is a Silver Holographic polish with black bar glitter. It is am amazing Glitter Topper. This is 2 coats it applied easily and looked great over "Jive"

I just want to thank Danielle for sending me these amazing polishes. All of her polishes are reasonably priced. You have to check out her store. You really need to add a few of her polishes to your collection. You will not go wrong. 
Here is all her contact info.
Thanks ladies Much <3 Jenny